Thought-2 -Let's Share Thoughts.

  My Thoughts Thought 2: Hello! How are you?  Welcome back. Let's pick from where we left off. Last week I shared an idea about saving 1/10 of your salary.  Today let's discuss the second lesson I learned from the richest man in Babylon. I don't know from where I read this " If you can't make money while you sleep, you'll work until you die." I don't remember the quote exactly. correct me if I'm wrong. The core idea is generating a second income source other than your main job. Invest the money in a place where you have an interest.  I have always been fascinated by the stock market and shares in a company. I used to watch my uncle who invested in the share market. and he used to constantly follow the stock news and prices in the news.  I wondered what is there in those stock markets and why people invest in them? That curiosity lead me to learn about the stock market and I felt it was too much research and information.  Then Crypto got my attentio

Thought-1 -Let's Share Thoughts.

My Thoughts Thought 1: I would like to share some knowledge acquired through reading books. I am not a financial advisor just felt these books that I read needed to be shared with everyone. You may know better than me. I would be happy to listen to your thoughts. All these years I just talked and never listened properly. I am trying to change that habit. I learned a thing or two from books. The people who know me might say why don't you follow these yourself. I am trying to change, I admit I made a lot of mistakes, but aren't we built that way to learn from mistakes? :-p. Let's share the knowledge with each other.  The Richest Man in Babylon Thought me: Pay yourself first.  Got Confused! Let me explain it to you.  Let's say you make 1000$ per month.  The first thing you should be doing is taking 1/10 of your salary which is 100$ in a savings account AKA paying yourself. Plan the rest of your monthly finances with the remaining 900$. Easy right there without knowing you